Russia (Siberia until Lake Baikal) June / July 2015

Five years after the last time I've made it again. As an alternative to the photos, here is also a report with (more and only) text.
The small pictures represent clickable links that are leading to the respective larger picture.
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The itinerary starts via Warsaw ...

... and then through Lithuania and Latvia.

And finally the border to Russia is crossed.

Staying with a friend near Moscow.

A secondary road.

Continuing on the M5 from Moscow towards the Urals.

It is quite habitual here to open a virtual third lane for overtaking.

500 km from Moscow - and according to the highway number at the same time in Europe (E30) and Asia (AH6).

Caution: in the opposite direction the kilometers are counting the other way round (in this case from Chelyabinsk).

Don't drink and drive.

Run-out lane if brakes are failing (it's a long and relatively steep downhill here).

Bashkortostan is reached.

Well, there the distances are slightly larger than at home.

oops, the previous image was five years ago - today it looks a bit worn-out.

The border between Europe and Asia. (The gas station is out of service since a longer time.)

Road work ahead. Sometimes the queue starts already at this distance.

Not always the weather was sunny.

In Chelyabinsk we need a visit to the workshop.

Arrival in Omsk: tea break at the local KTM dealer.

Reception by the Siberian Bears (the regional "Moto Fan Club").

Going further east from Omsk to Irkutsk in several stages.

Oops. Now I have missed the round-clocking of 100.000 km.

Bus stop on the highway.

This photo could be taken already five years ago ...

... but this road did not yet exist (there was merely the medium-coarse provisional gravel road).

Here the road still leads straight through the town (otherwise there are often bypasses).

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